Thursday, May 30, 2013

The most precious thing I have ever heard.

For the past three-or-so months Cayn has gone from taking a few steps, to full-fledged walking, to almost out-running me. It has been a roller coaster adjusting to a toddler (can't believe I just said that *tear*) who can figure out how to move, open, unlatch, and unlock just about everything in our home. Most days you can't help but reminisce on how just a few months, weeks, even days ago your baby was so much smaller, so much more helpless. Today was definitely one of those days. 

My husband always makes fun of me for how many times I say "Oh my goodness..look how cute he is!" but today was a little more than that. I felt like I was literally watching him grow before my tear-filled eyes. He's starting to look more like a boy rather than a baby each day. And as much as I am so excited to see him grow up, I am so sad that it's happening so fast. 

Tonight I kissed him probably a thousand and one times and hugged him a few more than that. I actually rocked him to sleep in my arms, which hasn't happened since he was around six months old and I cried the whole time. I cried because I was just so in awe of this perfect child, I was in awe of the fervent love I could feel for him. After awhile I decided to pick him up and take him to his room where he could be more comfortable. I walked him into his bedroom and I guess the movement woke him up a little. He looked up at me so I kissed his forehead and said "Goodnight baby, I love you" and then layed him into his crib. Normally he would immediately roll over on his side and zonk out. However tonight he just layed and stared at me and I stared back for what seemed like forever. Finally, I turned and began to walk out of the room reminding him again how much I love him and in the sweetest, smallest baby voice I heard "luh yew".......

I snuck this pic while he was sleeping in my arms.

And yes, I am still crying!!
He may not have even known what he was saying BUT hearing those two small, but huge words come from my little person was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you Jesus!

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