Thursday, May 30, 2013

The most precious thing I have ever heard.

For the past three-or-so months Cayn has gone from taking a few steps, to full-fledged walking, to almost out-running me. It has been a roller coaster adjusting to a toddler (can't believe I just said that *tear*) who can figure out how to move, open, unlatch, and unlock just about everything in our home. Most days you can't help but reminisce on how just a few months, weeks, even days ago your baby was so much smaller, so much more helpless. Today was definitely one of those days. 

My husband always makes fun of me for how many times I say "Oh my goodness..look how cute he is!" but today was a little more than that. I felt like I was literally watching him grow before my tear-filled eyes. He's starting to look more like a boy rather than a baby each day. And as much as I am so excited to see him grow up, I am so sad that it's happening so fast. 

Tonight I kissed him probably a thousand and one times and hugged him a few more than that. I actually rocked him to sleep in my arms, which hasn't happened since he was around six months old and I cried the whole time. I cried because I was just so in awe of this perfect child, I was in awe of the fervent love I could feel for him. After awhile I decided to pick him up and take him to his room where he could be more comfortable. I walked him into his bedroom and I guess the movement woke him up a little. He looked up at me so I kissed his forehead and said "Goodnight baby, I love you" and then layed him into his crib. Normally he would immediately roll over on his side and zonk out. However tonight he just layed and stared at me and I stared back for what seemed like forever. Finally, I turned and began to walk out of the room reminding him again how much I love him and in the sweetest, smallest baby voice I heard "luh yew".......

I snuck this pic while he was sleeping in my arms.

And yes, I am still crying!!
He may not have even known what he was saying BUT hearing those two small, but huge words come from my little person was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you Jesus!

Monday, April 15, 2013

"eb"ing a voice.

While I was pregnant with Cayn a friend of mine shared a link on facebook and it immediately caught my attention. It was a link to a blog written by a mommy, and this particular mommy's little angel had a very rare disease known as Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Once I read her most recent post I couldn't stop. With tears pouring down my face I continued to go back to older posts until I reached the very beginning. Nothing prepared me for the emotions I would feel reading that blog (it didn't help that I was pregnant) but once I read it there was an uneasiness I just couldn't shake. I kept up with her blog for months, everytime she would post it would put me at ease a little bit. Until one day when she posted this.

Now, I know this is hard for some to read  and although totally heart shattering, I encourage you to read her blog. I felt for this woman, I hurt for this woman and I grieved just like I knew these people. Baby Tripp made an impact on me and I never ever knew him.

I still think of him and his mommy. I still pray for her and wish I could wrap my arms around her. And because of their story, I was led to another story about a beautiful little boy named Easton. He is battling the same disease as Tripp. Here is a link to his facebook support page. I don't know this family personally, but I do keep up with how things are going. I just want to ask anyone who reads this to please send up a prayer for this precious baby and his family. There is something about innocent babies battling awful diseases that I can never understand, but I know that God has a plan no matter what the circumstances.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So, tomorrow is the first official day of spring but I've jumped the gun (as I do for most holidays/seasons) and have started sprucing up our home with bright colors and flowerdy things.

Whenever I moved in with Ryan...let's just say our home was a full fledged bachelor pad. It took me awhile to talk him into letting go of the neon bar signs and handing over the reigns to the lady of the house, but eventually he was convinced.

So here are some of the (small) improvements I've been working on over spring break.

This is a few changes inside. I got the "Now Is Always The Perfect Time" art from target (my happy place) I love it & it incorporates the colors we've got going on, plus it was on sale. The pillows are from Kohls and they bring the colors from the kitchen into the living room. The "wash" & "dry" bins in the laundry room were to mask all the clutter in there and I just used a stencil and some yellow paint. Easy peasy.

Our back porch was so bare and my husband's idea of outdoor seating was a couple of ice chests. So we found these at target (again, on sale) and mixed an matched some colors to get a fun summery look. I found the orange lantern at big lots for like $3. (and yes we have colored christmas light around our porch. It makes me feel like it's a fiesta year round. I don't even care.)

I plan to add some colorful planters out there too.

This was made by a wonderfully crafty girl named Casey and I love how much more fun my plain ol front door is!

And these little knick-knacks I picked up at Garden Ridge grace our front porch and flower bed. Fun, fun, fun!

I can't wait for the drizzly weather to perk up and for it to actually FEEL like spring..Arkansas sure does know how to tease us!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Sometimes you have to quote Disney.

I was hit like a ton of bricks today by my own selfishness and lived to tell about it.

This morning was FRUSTRATING. CRAZY. Just a hot mess. Not a far cry from normal in the Chambers' household but today was a whirlwind and all before 12 pm.

Picture This:
 Waking up an hour after your alarm was supposed to go off (I'm sure it did go off but I was too exhausted to hear it), the only reason you actually do wake up is from the screeches of a screaming sick baby in the other room, take temperature... 101.7 (which was a WIN from the 102.5 it was the night before), throw on same scrubs for the 2nd day which are complete with a nice film of baby snot because your other pair is not completely dry and there's just not time, no make up, hair on top of head in bun/knot/birds nest, forget deodorant (gross), hop in husband's truck and try to use the keys to your vehicle, try and figure out why they wont fit in ignition, oh yeah idiot..hop out get in your car, speed to school, crappy parking spot, run into classroom, forgot pencil in car, run back out, back in again, take ridiculous test, wait for everyone to get done so you can review, come in late for review and they are already done, sigh, eat chocolate, sigh.

Reading it back, it doesn't sound all that bad but let me tell you a sick kid, nursing school and being punctual are difficult to balance.

Well then on my lethargic drive home, bad mood and all, I realized...
*Insert Disney Quote (Princess Diaries to be exact)*
"How many stupid times a day I use the word "I"."

Wow. Complete parenting fail.
Sometimes with my busy schedule I get caught up in the "go, go, go" and don't relax and take time to realize that in between the crazy, there are miracles happening. Corny, maybe but so true. 

I eagerly made my way home after that and was met at the door by my husband and son. And no matter how crappy Cayn felt I still got greeted with the same precious smile he meets me with everyday. Miracle. I got kisses and hugs from my son...miracle. And my husband, even though probably as frustrated as I was earlier that morning, holding our baby & taking his temp. reminded me that I married a superhero.

^Notice I still use the word I a lot, it's really hard not to actually use it, but you know what I mean ;)

But, when you start to kick yourself when you're having a bad day. Stop being a brat and've got it pretty good. Then go find your miracles and hug the crap out of them.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Advice I probably got but didn't listen to...

So tonight after catching up with a friend of mine that is newly pregnant I couldn't help but reminisce about just over a year ago when that was me with a baby bump & a bella band. She was asking me for some motherly advice for after her baby arrives and I couldn't help but laugh...I remember how perfect I imagined everything would be after the my baby came, how wrong was I!

Don't get me wrong, now that my beautiful little boy is here, he is the light of mine & Ryan's life and things couldn't get any better. BUT, my idea of "perfect" has changed drastically. Throughout the past year I learned a lot about myself, my husband, motherhood, and how to just let things go. Which is something I have always struggled with.

So to all you mommies-to-be here is something to keep in mind while you're awaiting your bundle of joy, many of which I had to learn the hard way..

-The laundry can ALWAYS wait. 
I know, I know..those stacks of whites and darks seem to stare at you until they are folded and put away but trust me on're gonna need a few of those towels to wipe up this-or-that before the day is said and done.
-Your hair will be jacked up sometimes.
You will go from trying to decide if you want to wear your hair curly or straight to deciding if you have time to wear it wet or dry. It's just how it is.
-You will see everyone you know at Wal-Mart & you will have on no makeup. 
As much as you would love to keep the glow of pregnancy lingering long into motherhood, Mother Nature just doesn't work like that and this will happen to you. I know you want everyone to think "Wow, she just had a baby and looks fabulous" and yes that will happen too. However, on Tuesday morning when you're out of formula and your baby is hysterical you WILL look a hot mess and there will be witnesses.
-Housework is for the birds.
It's going to be messy. After a long day of changing diapers, feedings and possibly work/school, you just ain't got time for that and neither do I. Nope.
-Losing the weight is HARD unless you're a freak, and in that case, shut up.
Do not get down on your self if that weight doesn't come off instantly (I'm still trying to lose mine). And don't starve yourself..with a newborn, some days require a pint of Ben & Jerry's. You will get there.
-Your husband/fiance/boyfriend is going to get on your damn nerves.
Y'all don't even lie! It's hard not to want to be "the perfect couple", but with a baby things can easily get frustrating. There will be times when you want to yell, hit and claw his eyes out..just step away and remind yourself of why you got with his cute butt in the first place. Then call your best friend and tell her all about it ;)
-Your kid does not always have to look straight out of an ad from Baby Gap.
Of course when you're pregnant you dream of dressing your kid in all this adorable little get-ups but trust me, the bank and the doctor's office do not care about that fifty dollar polo shirt your baby has on. It is OK, save those outfits for a special day. Trust me, that baby wont hold it against you.
-Socks aren't meant for matching.
You will probably never find the mate to that one black sock but and white is in for spring ;)
-Crock pots are God's (..or Hamilton Beach's) gift to mamas.
Throw some crap in there, leave, come back, it's done. Doesn't get much better than that, ladies.
Unless you are one of those freaks again, don't try to wear heels while carrying a car seat & a diaper bag. You will look more wobbly legged than a baby giraffe.
-Don't try too hard to impress ANYONE.
You will be exhausted enough already. Plus, you are the perfect mommy in that babies eyes so who cares what anyone else thinks.
-Remember to breathe.
Sometimes we feel bad for having to step away. Don't. It is a necessity for your sanity and everyone else's. Take deep breaths and come back when your lid has tightened back up.
And Last..
-Enjoy every single moment.

These are moments we will cherish forever. Take a gazillion pictures. Record as much as you can. Do ridiculous things to make your baby smile and laugh because there is nothing in the world that compares. Kiss your husband, often. Hold hands. Dance in the living room and have a movie night. Don't be afraid to look a mess because it's gonna happen, own it. Play chase and have a thousand tickle fights. Peek-a-Boo is a must. Make giant messes. Always give hugs. And most importantly, love each other so much you can't stand it.

This may not help or be of any interest to any of you..but I sure wish someone would have told me. Maybe they did but I sure didn't listen. Just know that you will be the most perfect mama for your family and there is NO right way to do things. Don't exhaust yourself with the details. Just go with it ;)

Monday, March 4, 2013

One whole year.

It happened.

My little precious baby angel (I gush) turned ONE. It's been ONE year of giggles and early morning cuddle sessions...ONE year of head-to-toe kisses...ONE year of the most love and pride I have ever felt  in my life. Wow. I still can't even handle it.

It'd hard to believe that the brand new baby in this picture is now almost a toddler. Mind blown.

We celebrated my all-too-grown-up's birthday this weekend at his grandparent's house. Of course, we had a Mickey Mouse theme and it turned out great. He has quite the fan club & was blessed with a ton of sweet gifts that I'm still trying to find room for.

No matter how flabbergasted I am that babies don't stay babies forever, especially mine. Cayn's party turned out to be a success and we were so grateful to all of our friends and family who came and celebrated with us. 

& now that I don't have a birthday party to plan I'm not real sure what I will do with my extra time. Maybe NOW I can actually lose that weight I've been talking about for so long. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Rainy days & laundry rooms

Today was a typical Arkansas weather let down. Yesterday was sunny and warm. I even decided to clean out and wash my car for what seemed to be the first time in ages and what do I wake up to this morning? Yep, rain.

However, while drinking my morning coffee I decided to look at that cup half full and decided it would be the perfect day to put those Hobby Lobby canvases I got on sale last week to use! Now I am by NO means an artist but I do know how to put paint on a brush and swipe it across something. And I think my spur of the moment paintings turned out pretty cute.

This one I did to go with our bedroom colors and it also reminds me of the rainy day that was going on outside. 

This one happened because I am impatient and I couldn't bare to have that second canvas sitting around blank. So I slapped some yellow on it and went to town with the bottom of a Coca Cola can. It's going in our hall wall :)

This project is for Cayn's first birthday party. Which (I can't even believe it) is on Friday. Yep, THIS Friday. I've already cried about it...more than once. Anyway, the frame was another Hob Lob find for around 8 dollars (I wanted to thrift a frame but I ran out of time), I painted it, hot glued pieces of red and white twine, grabbed a few pics and clothes pins and VOILA! 

This next pic. is the progression of our sad, sad laundry room. I don't have a before picture but even if I did I don't know if I'd show it.

It used to be painted yucky builder's beige and just BLAH. Ryan and his brother went on a painting spree through our house when it got flooded last year and this room somehow ended up pale yellow. I don't hate it, it was just unexpected out of two grown men to pick this color.

Ever since I have been searching for things here and there to make it a place I actually want to spend time, since sadly, laundry doesn't do itself.

I found the hooks at Gordman's for $15, they're made from old hinges and I love it. The wire basket was actually one of my valentine's gifts from the hubby because he knew I wanted something "vintagey" for the LR. Sweet, right? & the mason jar is just an old "Newman's Own" container that we finished, washed, and the painted a chalkboard square on. Thumbs up, I'd say.

Yay for not hating your laundry room! (I said laundry ROOM..not LAUNDRY) I'm still not there yet ;)